The Miami Dolphins decided not to draft a running back until the seventh round this year, perhaps a sign of confidence in the ball carriers they already have. Miami has Myles Gaskin and Salvon Ahmed returning, while signing Malcolm Brown this offseason and drafting Gerrid Doaks in the seventh round. 

Gaskin is set up to become the No. 1 running back in Miami, something he's not even thinking about as he prepares to fight for the job.  

"Above my pay grade," Gaskin said with a laugh on a conference call at Dolphins minicamp. "To be honest with you, whatever they do upstairs is what they do upstairs. Whoever we bring in, I know it's going to be the best for the team. I don't think drafting a back or bringing in a back is going to change anything for me."

Gaskin started seven games for the Dolphins last season, rushing for 584 yards and three touchdowns. He led the team in rushing yards while also ranking third on the team in receptions (41) and receiving yards (388). The Dolphins found tremendous value out of Gaskin in the seventh round of the 2019 draft, which is likely why they didn't invest a high draft pick on a running back. 

Gaskin ended up jumping Jordan Howard and Matt Breida on the depth chart, two of the Dolphins' prized offseason additions at running back in 2020. Ahmed (75 carries, 319 yards) had a strong rookie season as an undrafted free agent signing, so the Dolphins decided to roll into the year giving them a shot behind a better offensive line. 

The game doesn't change for Gaskin, who has plenty to prove. He may be the No. 1 running back, but is competing to keep that role. 

"I'm trying to compete with myself, compete with others obviously; but definitely compete with myself, make sure I'm the best running back I can be come the end of July whenever camp starts, and then leading up into the season," Gaskin said. "So I don't think bringing on anybody changes my routine. 

"I'm excited for the guys that did get drafted. A couple years ago, I was in the same spot, so I mean -- I watched the draft, which is exciting for people, but whoever we draft, I'm just excited to have them on the team."