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Game Recap

It may have taken overtime to finish the job, but the Giants ultimately got the result it was hoping for last Sunday. They came out on top in a nail-biter against Chicago, sneaking past 30-27. Since the Giants won the last time these teams met, too, this is only more fuel for the fire driving Chicago's future revenge.

Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham were among the main playmakers for the Giants as the former picked up 125 yards on the ground on 24 carries and the latter snatched 1 receiving TD and threw 1 TD. This marked the third consecutive matchup in which Barkley has rushed for over 100 yards. The Giants's Alec Ogletree got in on the action, too, converting a pick in the first quarter into a touchdown.

With the end zone more or less eluding the Giants offense, the special teams were there for backup. Special teams collected 12 points for the team. Kicker Aldrick Rosas booted in three field goals, the longest a 57-yarder in the second quarter, which ultimately accounted for the difference in the game.

A silver lining for Chicago was the play of Tarik Cohen, who caught 12 passes for 156 yards and picked up 30 yards on the ground on 8 carries.

The Giants will square off against Washington at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. Coming off of a win even when the odds were against them, the Giants have to be feeling especially confident now that the spread is in their favor. As for Chicago, they will face off against the Rams. The Rams's defense will surely be attentive in the film room this week preparing for an Chicago offense that has put up 34.92 points on average.