NaVorro Bowman calls Kaepernick's Dolphins hat 'a huge mistake'

Colin Kaepernick should probably stick to baseball gear. (USATSI)
Colin Kaepernick should probably stick to baseball gear. (USATSI)

Colin Kaepernick, who plays quarterback for the 49ers, recently donned a Miami Dolphins cap. The Offseason Storyline Enrage-O-Meter went all the way to a nine or so (in case you're wondering, Cam Newton being a Falcons fan is a full-blown 11).

It's a silly storyline, but there's a legitimate gripe somewhere within complaints about Kaep wearing the gear of a potential opponent and, you know, someone other than the 49ers. If there wasn't, NaVorro Bowman wouldn't have called the hat "a huge mistake" on the NFL Network on Tuesday night.

"This is a huge mistake by Kaep," Bowman said. "I'm sure he understands that now. In his defense, we're young. In our era these days, we like to match our snapbacks with our outfits."

Bowman even gave Kaepernick the same piece of advice that I've been handing out when people asked me about the hat: just avoid the NFL.

"The hats now these days are very important to the outfit, so Kaep I understand what you did, but let's stay away from the NFL teams," Bowman said. "Stick to NBA, go to college or the baseball hats."

It's silly to think that someone is just going to stop rooting for a team or wearing a hat because they play for another -- perhaps not even rival -- football team. And maybe it's antiquated to think that players are going to hate their rivals.

But don't bank on Bowman admitting he's a Seahawks fan anytime soon -- he said there's "no excuse" for Newton saying that he's an Atlanta fan all but two times a year.

"There's no excuse for that one, man," Bowman said. "A fan? These players are trying to take your head off, and you're a fan? Nah, you can't do that."

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