Ndamukong Suh is overrated and Sean Payton is in limbo

Round and round the wheel goes. Where it stops, nobody knows. Except for maybe the cunning guy in the middle of the QB huddle, Adam Schein, NFL Monday QB host.

It’s time for Word Association. We spin the wheel, then our esteemed panel gives us one word that describes the team or player on the wheel.

First spin: Sean Payton

Phil Simms had a bit of trouble finding one word to describe the Sean Payton situation in New Orleans. When has he ever been at a loss for words? Remember the Eli Manning comment?

After churning the cogs in his brain for a moment, Simms landed with “where” to describe Payton. Where is he going to land and where will the Saints be without him?

Former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue recently handed down a 22-page decree confirming the New Orleans Saints did operate a bounty program and placed the blame on the coaching staff. The suspensions for players were lifted.

But where does that leave Payton? His contract expires at the end of the season, and rumors are starting to fly. Whether he will sign a new deal with the Saints like the GM said or test the waters with other teams is unknown. It’s been rumored he will go to the Cowboys.

According to the New Orleans Times-Picayunehaving his family in Dallas could prove to be a deciding factor in teaming up with Jerry Jones. Philadelphia and San Diego could also see some head coaching jobs open up for Payton to wiggle in to. At 5-8 and almost out of the playoff picture, the Saints need him back on the sideline, like yesterday.

“You got to have one guy that speaks for the whole organization, and right now the Saints don’t have it,” Simms said. “The one guy that speaks to Drew Brees of course was Sean Payton. He kept him in line and made him be more disciplined.”

Next spin: Ndamukong Suh

“Overrated” Rich Gannon said. “You look at him lately, and I just don’t see the consistency or the production.”

Suh is at 5.5 sacks for the season and with three games left he’s a sliver of the player he was as a rookie in 2010 when he notched 10 sacks and was Defensive Rookie of the Year. Also, his recent fine could lead you to think he lacks discipline, according to Gannon.

However, you still can’t doubt the value of having a guy like him on your team. As an opposing quarterback you never want to see 300 pounds of Suh rushing at you or his cleat coming close to your man parts. By the time you realize, it’s too late.

“As a quarterback we don’t like to have a guy like that who’s going to hit you late, but if you are on his team you like it.” Dan Marino said. “You want him on your team.”

Tune in for the next episode of Word Association on NFL Monday QB when Phil Simms actually pulls out a dictionary to gain a competitive advantage.

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