Watch Now: George Kittle and 49ers Not Close at All On Contract Extension (4:56)

Last season, Trent Williams decided he would rather sit out than play for the team that held his contractual rights. Williams, one of the best offensive linemen in the league, wanted a trade out of Washington, where he felt the organization had breached his trust by mishandling various injury and medical diagnosis issues. 

This offseason, Williams finally got his wish, as he was traded to the San Francisco 49ers in a draft-day deal. It's safe to say he's excited about playing for his new team—and specifically about the team's quarterback situation. He'll be tasked with protecting the blind side of Jimmy Garoppolo, who is now entering what should be his second full season as the team's starter.

"I think Jimmy G is awesome," Williams said, per "I think he has proven that he's a quarterback that you can win with. In this league, it's just hard to find. Quarterback is the toughest position and I think that's why you see the contracts where they are. Having a quarterback that you know is going to make the right read, the right throw, I think that has to allow Kyle (Shanahan), you know, give him a chance to sleep at night because just having a guy you know who won't throw the game away for you. You put him in the best position possible. He'll win."

Garoppolo has a 21-5 record as a starter, though that is obviously helped by the fact that he has only played for the Patriots and 49ers—two teams with which he has exclusively been supported by elite defenses—and coached by Bill Belichick (and Josh McDaniels) and Kyle Shanahan. Last season, Garoppolo was consistently put in position to succeed by the Niners' coaching staff, and he did a strong job of taking advantage of the situations they placed him in. 

He should continue being placed in advantageous situations, because that's what Shanahan does. Williams, having spent the entirety of his career in Washington prior to this trade, has seen first-hand what things look like when you have a quarterback who is not capable of taking advantage of those situations.

"From being in my position, not having a lot of success in the league, having a good quarterback, then to having a kind of musical chairs back there, I know the importance of it," he said. "So I'm extremely happy just to be part of an offense that really don't need me to win. I add to it."