New Colts coach Frank Reich doesn't want to trade Jacoby Brissett

The Indianapolis Colts know who their quarterback of the future is. It's the same guy as their quarterback of the present: Andrew Luck. You know, assuming he's healthy. 

The questions surrounding Luck's health and potential availability for last season motivated the Colts to trade for former Patriots backup Jacoby Brissett shortly before the beginning of the year. Brissett wound up starting 15 games for Indianapolis, and he actually fared pretty well. 

The coaching staff that installed him as the starter is gone now, so there were questions as to whether the new regime might decide to trade him if it looks like Luck is on the road that will lead him back to the field. We can probably put those questions to rest now. 

New Colts coach Frank Reich seems pretty happy to have Brissett around. 

With the uncertainty about Luck's status -- he's yet to be medically cleared -- it's a good idea for the Colts to have a solid backup on hand in case anything happens. Brissett is one of the best they've had in a while. The last few times their starter has gone down, they've had to turn to guys like Curtis Painter (in place of Peyton Manning), Scott Tolzein, Josh Freeman, and Matt Hasselbeck. It's safe to say Brissett is the most appealing option among that group, based on talent and upside. They'd be wise to keep him around. 

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