New Falcons stadium might have vibrating seats, 100-yard sports bar

The Falcons' new stadium might include vibrating seats. (GWCC)

If vibrating seats and a giant sports bar are something you've been dying to have at your local NFL stadium, then you may want to move to Atlanta before the 2017 season starts because the Falcons' new stadium might have those things. 

The company that's designing the stadium -- 360 Architecture -- unveiled some concept art Tuesday and those concepts included seats that vibrate after every hit and a bar that's 100-yards long.

How the vibrating seats would work is unclear. Would you, the fan control it or someone in a booth somewhere? Would they only vibrate when a Falcons' player makes a tackle? What if Matt Ryan throws an interception and then makes the ensuing tackle, but then gets injured while making the tackle? Do you really want your seat vibrating when your star quarterback gets injured? What if a Falcons' player makes a great hit, but the opposing player breaks the tackle and scores a touchdown? No one wants their seat vibrating when the other team scores a touchdown. Also, what if the seat malfunctions and then vibrates the entire game? Obviously, there are logistical issues that will need to be figured out before 2017. 

There could be a 100-yard long sports bar in the Falcons new stadium. (GWCC)

The other intriguing amenity that may be in the new Falcons stadium is the 100-yard sports bar. Judging by the photo above, females will really enjoy the bar and there will be a giant TV on the ceiling. The bar is almost enough to make you not want to sit in your vibrating seats. 

Finally, for you fantasy football fans, don't think you've been forgotten. The Falcons' new stadium may also include a 'Fantasy Football Lounge,' which looks like a cross between Best Buy, heaven and the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. 

The Falcons' new stadium could include this amazing idea: a fantasy football lounge. (GWCC)

The new stadium is tentatively scheduled to open in time for the 2017 season. The company that will be handling the stadium design is the same one that designed MetLife Stadium. 

Actual design work on the Falcons' new home hasn't started, but 360 Architecture did show off two stadium designs when they made their bid to the Georgia World Congress Center Authority on Monday. The designs, called the Solarium (top) and Pantheon (bottom) are below.  

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Two concept designs of the Falcons new stadium. (GWCC)
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