New Jaguars OC says competition will determine starting roles in '13

After a disappointing 2012, the Jaguars turned over their front office and coaching staff. With the introduction of ex-Seattle defensive coordinator Gus Bradley as its new head coach, Jacksonville also brought in long-time offensive playcaller Jedd Fisch, most recently from the University of Miami. Fisch and Bradley spent the 2010 season together under Pete Carroll in Seattle.

Over a quick conversation Tuesday, Fisch told that he hasn't had any time to evaluate the Jaguars roster as he and Bradley had to put the finishing touches of building a coaching staff. But Fisch did make a promise on how he'll approach his quarterback situation.

"I don't know anything about our quarterbacks but I do know we'll have a competition at every position," Fisch said. "One thing Gus and I have always believed in and I know Gus, from being with Coach Carroll for a few years, likes for players to always compete. It's always about competition for us. There's going to be competition everywhere, every day."

That sense of competition in Seattle gave the starting job to Russell Wilson this past season, and the Jaguars are hoping for a similar outcome – someone to step up and lead at quarterback – in 2013. Chad Henne and Blaine Gabbert are expected to be in the mix (we knew better than to mention Tim Tebow) but in discussing offensive philosophies, Fisch made a compelling case for a running quarterback to be in the mix.

"I feel like there's certainly a place for [the zone-read offense]," Fisch said when asked about that system. "We ran some of it (at Miami), we ran no-huddle and ran the quarterback. As soon as you can run your quarterback, you have to defend another gap and if you have to defend another gap then [the defense has] one less guy. So all those things, there's a place for it. It's just about making decisions on how it fits with your team and how it fits with your personnel and if it's in the best interest of your players." 

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