New Orleans newspaper sums up Saints controversial loss to Rams with perfect headline

NEW ORLEANS -- It's not easy to perfectly sum up a controversial loss in just two words, but that's exactly what the New Orleans Times-Picayune did on Monday following the Saints' 26-23 loss to the Rams in the NFC Championship game. 

With two simple words, not only did the paper sum up the game, but it also summed up the feeling of every Saints fan around the country. Here's a look at the paper's Jan. 21 edition. 

"Reffing Unbelievable."

Everything about this front page is perfect. The picture shows the obviously bad no-call on the pass interference. The headline blames the refs and the pun allows fans to cuss in their heads while they say it. 

If I'm the Times-Picayune, I'm trademarking the phrase and slapping it on T-shirts so I can sell them to Saints fans all around New Orleans and then I would tell those fans to wear the shirts to any game being officiated by the NFC title game crew for the rest of time. 

The New Orleans Advocate also devoted its front page to the loss, and although the headline wasn't as impressive, it did slip in a subtle shot at the officiating crew in a sub-head that Saints fans will probably appreciate, "Saints tried but were unable to beat Rams AND Referees."

As you can tell, the people of New Orleans are slightly bitter about this loss, and just in case you're wondering how bitter, more than 300,000 Saints fans have already signed a petition demanding that the NFC title game gets replayed with the winner going on to face the Patriots in Super Bowl LIII. 

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