After a Sunday where the NFL's new rules to protect quarterbacks drove defenders nuts, there were four more roughing the passer calls on Monday night in the game between the Steelers and BuccaneersThe controversy reached a fever pitch (again) on Sunday after Clay Matthews was flagged for roughing Alex Smith, and on Monday the roughing the passer calls piling up made for a rough watch at times.

NFL players seem to be at a loss for what they can do. Matthews said that the league is going "soft," whereas J.J. Watt tweeted on Monday that "roughing the Passer calls are absolutely out of control." The Jaguars' Calais Campbell said after Week 2 that "offense makes good TV." The frustration is evident from all of these players, and all of them spend a lot of time getting after the quarterback.

On Tuesday's "Off the Bench" podcast, Danny Kanell and Raja Bell discussed the new rule. While they both concede that it's almost impossible for defenders to hit the quarterback with the rule as it is, they try to toss out some ideas on how players can try to skirt around the rule. They talk about the calls in Monday night's game and talk about the future of the rule -- and the NFL as a whole.

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