New York Giants Player Watch: Paul Perkins

With the Giants’ 91st season upon us, let’s take a look at one player to watch for this summer.

In running back Paul Perkins, the Giants believe they have their ball carrier of the future.

Though, perhaps, not of the present. The job is still firmly in the hands of Rashad Jennings, with Andre Williams and Shane Vereen behind him on the current depth chart. But head coach Ben McAdoo made clear his and the team’s intentions to develop Perkins into their primary back in the seasons to come.

Any major participation Perkins gets behind center this year will probably come in these four exhibition appearances this summer while the starters sit. During that span, they’ll try to improve upon what many scouts regarded as his primary weakness, a perceived lack of physicality between the tackles.

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The UCLA product exhibited quickness off the edge and in open space, and a unique skill in evading downfield tacklers, but the question of prolonged physical play in the trenches was raised often. At times, he seemed thrown off his rhythm when asked to carry the ball off guard and tackle. But the Giants think Perkins’ other talents can offset those concerns early on.

“This guy is someone who is able to play on first and second down and do the things you want him to do as far as run the football and pass protect and also his versatility on third downs,” said offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan.

“It is just a great asset, and again, I think that position, along with all the positions, the more competition that you have that is going to allow the level of everyone’s play to get better and that is what we are hoping for.”

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