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Jamal Adams hasn't been in the NFC West an entire season yet, but his hate of the Los Angeles Rams is already at full tilt. One week ago, it was Adams and the Seattle Seahawks who were sent packing at the hands of Jared Goff and Co., the latter entering the game as very obvious underdogs at Lumen Field. In that contest, it was Adams' shoulder that met with the head of John Wolford -- taken to the hospital and eventually ruled out against the Green Bay Packers -- who took the reins as starter before Goff was thrust into the game with his healing thumb, and Goff ended Adams' season with a clutch throw in the fourth quarter before going on to play admirably at Lambeau Field.

Still, Adams was watching the divisional round very closely, apparently praying the Rams would lose so he could troll them for doing so. And so it was, that Aaron Rodgers did what Aaron Rodgers does and, with the help of his defense, Goff and the Rams are going fishing -- Adams having the perfect location in mind.

"See y'all in Cabo, [Rams]!" he wrote on Twitter. "And make sure y'all bring your own damn cigars too!"

Of course, and needless to say, this won't be taken kindly by the Rams. The reaction isn't totally out of the blue, however, given the recent history between the two clubs. When the Seahawks defeated the Rams in Week 17 to clinch the NFC West, Adams lit a cigar in the press conference to celebrate. That was remembered by All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey who, after defeating Seattle in the playoffs, told Adams and his compatriots they could take their cigars and division title shirts to ... you guessed it.

"They can take their hats and T-shirts to Cabo," said Ramsey, via NFL Films. "They can keep their little hat and T-shirt. They can go to Cabo for the rest of the offseason."

Despite the loss to the Packers, the Rams can take solace in the fact they went 2-1 against the Seahawks in 2020, which included showing them up at the wild-card game. For his part, Adams has a long road ahead of him before he can truly look forward to taking the field again against the Rams, the All-Pro safety is reportedly set to undergo multiple surgeries following a season that saw him battle a variety of injuries. By all accounts, Adams should be ready to go before the season gets underway, and the Rams will be waiting for him.

And not in Cabo.