NFL analysts call out Odell Beckham Jr.'s antics

Odell Beckham Jr. put the New York Giants on his back with a 222-yard and two touchdown performance in Week 6, but his play on the field was not the focus for some NFL analysts after the Giants' 27-23 win over the Baltimore Ravens.

Some analysts are still concerned with Beckham's antics after the play.

CBS Sports New York analyst Jason Keidel has grown tired of Beckham's attitude:

Yet he came dangerously close to costing his team the game. After jerking his helmet from his head, in the ultimate “look at me” moment, he stomped down the sideline, chest-out, basking in the adulation from his friends and fans. Then, of course, he returned to his girlfriend, the kicking net, making pseudo love to it while surrounded by all manner of media, wide smiles and flashing cameras, and Page Six glory. He was hamming it up, making it about OBJ, not the NYG.

But that act is getting old, as are his histrionics. Beckham is just too talented to ignore, trade or forsake. But it’s just silly to assert that the epic mood swings and childish gestures are inevitable, that the penalties are all part of the performance. There’s a reason Chad Johnson, Terrell Owens and Randy Moss don’t have Super Bowl rings. Beckham is equally talented. Let’s hope he’s not similarly tormented.

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Beckham drew a 15-yard penalty for taking his helmet off on the field during the Giants' win. It didn't end up affecting the Giants' chances of winning the game, but it could have. Keidel wasn't the only NFL analyst displeased with Beckham's actions.

CBS Sports analyst Pete Prisco added his two cents:

Beckham plays the game with emotion. I love that. I like when he dances in the end zone. I loved the triple-jump celebration after his first TD catch. But the other stuff, like fighting with defensive backs and doing dumb things like taking off his helmet on the field, impact the game. That matters.

He's too damn good a player to allow that to happen. His skill set is unreal. He should be in the conversation about the best receiver in the game, right there with Pittsburgh's Antonio Brown and Julio Jones of the Falcons. Now it's more about his antics and his on-field fights and everything else.

The game should be the talk. Not the crap.

Beckham should just play football -- and let his game do all the talking for him.

On Monday, Giants head coach Ben McAdoo said that Beckham apologized for taking off his helmet right after the play. McAdoo confirmed it can't happen again. The NFL penalized Beckham for taking off his helmet in the field of play, but the evidence from the replay shows otherwise.

Either way, I think it's important to not lose focus on what's important here. Beckham came alive and put the team on his back in what was essentially a must-win game.

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