NFL Draft 2018: A real, live parrot will deliver selections for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

There are a lot of silly things about the NFL Draft. The obsession over everything that happens at the draft combine. The approximate one million mock drafts, all of which are inevitably blown up on draft night. The never-ending coverage. 

But sometimes you have to appreciate it when a team fully embraces the silliness and goes all-in. That's why we have to give it up to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this year. They're going for it.

You know you're from Florida when it's just not enough to announce your draft picks from a dang pirate ship built into your stadium. Not nearly. You've got to go the extra mile and incorporate a parrot into the equation. 

The parrot will deliver the picks on Saturday, the third and final day of the draft, which should help spice things up once the event starts to get stale. The draft is such a long and grueling process that it's almost impossible to stay interested the entire time unless you're a complete football nut, but you can guarantee there are going to be plenty of heads perking up (and social media buzz) once the parrot shows up to the party. 

It's not completely unprecedented, either.

While Roger Goodell still has the podium duties in Round 1, the NFL has been giving teams additional freedom when it comes to announcing their picks in recent years. The guest announcers are typically former players, known personalities or notable fans, but occasionally an animal is thrown into the mix.

Last year, the Colts used an orangutan to make their picks on the final day. Why not?

It seems like a parrot is a bit more of a wild card than a lazy monkey sitting on a box, so we'll see how it works out for the Bucs. If I don't hear "Polly wants a linebacker" at some point during the event I'm going to be very disappointed.

Pete Blackburn is from Boston, so there's a good chance you don't like him already. He has been a writer at CBS Sports since 2017 and usually aims to take a humorous and light-hearted approach to the often... Full Bio

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