In the NFL, it's always a fun game to see what starting quarterback will lose his job to a rookie first. Fans tend to have an "out with the old, in with the new" mentality, despite rookie quarterbacks often being in over their heads. More often than not, it's the feeling that change is needed that forces teams to put in a new quarterback. Sometimes it works, a la Deshaun Watson. Other times it doesn't, such as DeShone Kizer.

Five teams took quarterbacks in the first round. The Browns took Baker Mayfield, the Jets took Sam Darnold, the Bills traded up for Josh Allen, the Cardinals took Josh Rosen and the Ravens picked Lamar Jackson. In addition, the Browns, Jets, Bills and Cardinals took quarterbacks in free agency.

Early odds have come out regarding which quarterback will start for his respective team first. There are a lot of variables here, such as coaches that may be pressured to make a move first, but here are the most likely candidates to start early. 

Rookie quarterback to start first during 2018-19 regular season

  • Josh Allen +150
  • Baker Mayfield +250
  • Josh Rosen +450
  • Sam Darnold +750
  • Lamar Jackson +1200
  • Field +310

Given what the Bills gave up for Allen, and the fact that AJ McCarron is completely unproven as a starter, it makes sense that he would have the best odds. The Browns picked up Tyrod Taylor, but he may be given a quick hook if the Browns struggle early. Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold are behind two former Vikings coming off of knee injuries in Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Bradford. Lamar Jackson is the biggest long shot out of the top five quarterbacks taken, as he backs up Joe Flacco in Baltimore.

This is one of the most intriguing quarterback classes in years, and we'll surely see a few of these guys throughout the season. Allen is joining a playoff team, while Mayfield is joining a team that desperately needs a spark. Any of these guys may be viable to start. But now the question is who could have a breakout season.