It's been quite some time since the Bears have had a quarterback they could truly be proud of, a reality that was further emphasized during a White Sox game that happened to coincide with the NFL Draft. In the middle of the team's game against the Detroit Tigers on Thursday night, the White Sox crowd began cheering as soon as news broke that the Bears selected Ohio State's Justin Fields.

It was clear that the sudden cheer that took place in the top of the second with a man on first was about anything other than the baseball game. Perhaps there were some in the crowd who were cheering for Dylan Cease as he threw an 86 mile per hour slider to put Akil Baddoo in a full count, but it became apparent that the celebrations were focused on Fields when the broadcast cut to the smattering of high fives around the park as the cheerers were looking at their phones.

The Bears traded up to the No. 11 overall pick, which had belonged to the Giants, on Thursday to select the Buckeyes product. In return, New York got the No. 20 pick, a first-rounder next year, a fifth-rounder this year and a fourth-rounder in 2022.

Chicago moved on from Mitchell Trubisky, the last quarterback they traded up to select, who now serves as Josh Allen's backup in Buffalo.