NFL expected to fine Chargers' Ingram for cheap shot on Siemian

Melvin Ingram can expect a FedEx from the league office.

The Chargers' edge rusher committed a dirty play in the fourth quarter of Monday night's season-opener against the Broncos, when he launched head-first into the neck area of quarterback Trevor Siemian -- targeting, in other words.

Here's the footage, in case you missed it:

Ingram was flagged for roughing the passer, but his wallet is likely to take a hit, as well. Former NFL vice president of officiating and current FOX Sports rules analyst Mike Pereira predicts the cheap shot will draw a fine.

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This wouldn't be the first such penalty for Ingram, who in 2012 was docked more than $15,000 for lowering the crown of his helmet into the chin of Saints QB Drew Brees.

It was eerily similar to his hit on Siemian.

The NFL needs to take a hard, long look at their options with Ingram to ensure this doesn't happen again. It's obvious that merely fining him a chunk of his game salary hasn't deterred his illegal play.

Despite absorbing multiple blows throughout the night, Siemian emerged from the Week 1 win unscathed, looking no worse for wear. But Broncos coach Vance Joseph admitted they "absolutely" must ensure their starting signal-caller remains upright going forward.

"The pass protection was not that good," Joseph said Tuesday. "Again, we were facing two elite rushers in [OLB Melvin] Ingram and [DE Joey] Bosa. We knew it was going to be a chore, but we have to be better there. It was too much pressure on [QB] Trevor [Siemian]. There were too many whiffs as far as blocking those speed rushers. It’s got to get better.”

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