NFL Films' Greg Cosell says Aaron Rodgers isn't playing great football

We've said it countless times before, but NFL Films' Greg Cosell probably watches more game tape than anyone not associated with one of the 32 teams (and maybe more than some of them, too). So when he says something about scheme or personnel, it's worth your attention, even if you don't reflexively agree.

Which was our first instinct when we saw Cosell's comments about the guy everybody considers one of the league's best quarterbacks: Aaron Rodgers.

The Packers travel to San Francisco this weekend to face the 49ers, a team that beat them at Lambeau Field back in Week 1.

During an appearance Monday on KNBR radio, Cosell was asked if San Francisco's defense can contain Rodgers.

"I’m not saying this to be bold or controversial, but I don’t think Aaron Rodgers is playing particularly great football," Cosell said via the "I think he’s so physically gifted -- he can throw it on the run better than anyone in this league -- but he’s leaving an awful lot of plays on the field.

"I think he’s indecisive and tentative in the pocket," Cosell continued. "He’s not pulling the trigger on throws that are there. I think this has been an ongoing thing all throughout the season.

"Some people would say I’m nitpicking because of his numbers, but he’s so physically gifted that there are times that he still makes plays. The biggest concern with Aaron Rodgers and their pass offense right now is not the rhythmic flow of it, it’s the extension of plays. That’s where he’s at his best right now."

But Cosell isn't blind. Nor is he saying that Rodgers has suddenly morphed into Mark Sanchez and the Packers should brace for a butt-fumble-tastic weekend.

"Sometimes he’ll leave plays on the field, move and make another play," Cosell said. "His first two sacks this week were on him. He didn’t pull the trigger to open receivers, and then he couldn’t get away. The defense then beat him. There’s been stretches of this season where he’s been like this. But he’s so physically gifted where he’ll make throws and you’ll go, 'Wow, not many people make that throw.'”

Bonus: At least Cosell didn't call Rodgers short.

If nothing else, Rodgers will use this as motivation, which will allow him to dust off the speech he's had specially prepared for his critics.

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