NFL Free Agency 2020: Live updates, latest rumors, signings and trades around the league

Breaking down the latest rumors, news, signings and trades across the NFL

We've made it to the beginning of Week 3 of NFL free agency, and there are still some big names out there. The question is, where will they go? The No. 1 free agent in our top 10 remains, Jadeveon Clowney, who could give a team a big boost on the defensive side, while on offense there is an unsigned quarterback who's a former MVP, and another who threw for the most yards in the NFL last season.

The Carolina Panthers made big news (although, not surprising) on Tuesday by releasing Cam Newton. Jameis Winston and Newton are available, but who will sign them? The Patriots, perhaps? What about the Jaguars?

We don't know what may be in store on Sunday, so settle in, everyone. NFL free agency is still going strong with some really good names still looking for a home. Stay informed with our up-to-the-minute live blog below. And keep up with our list of the top 10 remaining players on the market here

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