Less than 24 hours after Richard Sherman signed his new deal with the 49ers, the details of the contract are out, and let's just say that some people aren't impressed with the negotiating skills of Sherman's agent, which is kind of an insult to Sherman, since he serves as his own agent. 

You can count Browns offensive lineman Joe Thomas among the people who thought that Sherman negotiated a horrible deal for himself. Thomas wasn't impressed with the incentive-filled contract and he let Sherman know on Twitter. 

In a series of tweets on Monday, Thomas wrote that Sherman got "absolutely crushed" by the 49ers during negotiations. 

So what kind of deal did Sherman negotiate for himself?

The former Seahawks cornerback is getting a three-year, $39 million deal that includes almost no guaranteed money. Although Sherman will be getting a $3 million signing bonus, he'll have to earn pretty much every penny after that. 

When fans pointed out on Twitter that it was a good deal because it would give Sherman a chance to prove himself in a year where he's coming off an Achilles injury, Thomas disagreed. According to the Browns Pro Bowler, if Sherman wanted to prove himself, he should have signed a one-year deal, instead of letting the 49ers sit on his rights for three years. 

Although Sherman will be getting a $3 million signing bonus, a $2 million base salary for 2018 and a $2 million roster bonus if he passes a physical by the first day of training camp, most of his money is tied into postseason accolades. 

If Sherman gets voted to the Pro Bowl in 2018, he'll get an extra $1 million. If he's named an All-Pro, which is slightly more difficult then getting voted to the Pro Bowl, then Sherman will earn another $2 million. Also, if Sherman is voted to the Pro Bowl in 2018, a total of $16 million in base salary for 2019 and 2020 seasons will become fully guaranteed. Sherman would get $8 million in base salary for each season, with one catch: The money doesn't become fully guaranteed until the third day of the league year in March 2019. 

The problem with Sherman pinning his financial hopes on a Pro Bowl berth or All-Pro honors in 2018 is that most players aren't effective on the field in their first year after an Achilles tear, according to Thomas.  

Sherman responded to Thomas in a tweet sent out on Monday.

 The 49ers cornerback also defended his negotiating skills during an interview with MMQB.com.  

"I don't think any agent in the business could have done a better job of negotiating this contract," Sherman said. "As long as I'm content with what I'm making, nothing else matters to me."

When it comes down to it, that's all that matters: If Sherman is happy, then it's a good deal, even if it's not actually a good deal, and Thomas doesn't think it's a good deal.