NFL Game Rewind will feature 'telestrator' ability on All-22 film

Game Rewind with coaches film (left) now will feature a telestrator function. (,

About a month ago, the NFL news machine made shockwaves in a certain group of film-obsessed fans and writers when the league announced it would allow regular fans to watch All-22 game footage (in essence, what the coaches watch when they break down tape) during the 2012 season for about $70.

This news was met with shaking hands and tears of joy by some, as my colleague Will Brinson wrote at the time, “That's because the introduction of the All-22 film will alter the way that people in the business write about football. It will allow film-heavy analysts to look at the game from a perspective that isn't limited to what's shown on the television. And it will eliminate a closely-guarded niche of writers with the ability to view game film and it will elevate the analysis that comes with breaking down football.”

The NFL added even more news on the matter Monday, announcing that NFL Game Rewind would include a “telestrator” function that will allow a user to draw on the film, save it and send it out via email and the various social media platforms. If you’re into that kind of thing, that’s impressive news.

Especially if you’re unimpressed by those who use the telestrator on TV. has the other announcements that emanated from Monday, including the news that many tablets (including the iPad) would have the Game Rewind app and that the All-22 film will be available to view by each Wednesday of the season.

The NFL, all of a sudden, is embracing technology for its fans, and although some coaches will not enjoy the ability of some to second-guess their decisions even more, this season will give those film-watchers greater access than ever before. More information is rarely a bad thing.

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