NFL Grades, Week 4: Sam Bradford doesn't look like franchise QB

For some reason rumors and reports about the St. Louis Rams wanting to re-work Sam Bradford 's deal began circulating -- a mammoth rookie contract and the last one of the old CBA -- despite their current football climate. Those reports look pretty silly right now in the face of Bradford's latest debacle, a 35-11 whipping from San Francisco.

Bradford was 19 for 41 on Thursday night, but unlike the previous two bad losses, he wasn't able to pile up garbage yards against the San Francisco 49ers , who kept their foot on St. Louis throat.

It wasn't hard to do -- Bradford's accuracy was terrible throughout the evening and the Rams offensive attack was utterly lacking in creativity.

Daryl Richardson and Benny Cunningham managed to combine for 22 yards on 16 carries so there's certainly some fault that should be laid at the feet of the Rams offensive line when it comes to protecting their backfield.

But don't absolve Bradford, who looked nothing like a franchise quarterback on Thursday night. It was all summed up perfectly when Bradford came to the sidelines, scoped out pictures of an interception he threw and just seemed to give up:

Yup, that's about right. Bradford finished -- despite being blown out by the middle of the third quarter -- with an average of 4.93 yards per attempt. That's no good and neither is being the only guy to show up on this list more than once. (And, um, yikes.)

Bradford's had a rough go of it in the NFL, what with having a ton of different offensive coordinators, no weapons and a porous offensive line. But St. Louis signed the combo of Jake Long and Jared Cook and then traded up to draft Tavon Austin . Bradford's supposed to be progressing and instead it looks like he's taking steps backwards.

An inability to get rid of the ball, an unwillingness to pull the trigger on throws and inaccuracy down the field were all trademarks of his game Thursday. St. Louis might still believe he's the future of the franchise and he's due lots of money in the next few years. (Nevermind that they passed on a chance at drafting Robert Griffin III to keep Bradford.) But he didn't look the part on Thursday night at all.

49ers 35, Rams 11
B+ Huge bounceback in a division road game after the embarrassment against the Indianapolis Colts last week. Colin Kaepernick can tweet all the haters now and the 49ers got back to doing what they do best: letting Frank Gore eat behind a mauling offensive line and playing defense. Having Vernon Davis healthy helps a ton. Strong showing from the D considering Patrick Willis was missing.
F Disaster game for the Rams who fall to 1-3 on the year. They've looked like a bottom-five team in the NFL the last three weeks. Sam Bradford might not be the answer (isn't the answer?). The running game is stagnant. Cortland Finnegan looks finished. What is the plan for Tavon Austin? Things are spiraling in St. Louis.

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