NFL Honors: Broncos QB Peyton Manning wins his fifth MVP

'Sure, I'll take a fifth MVP Award.' (USATSI)
'Sure, I'll take a fifth MVP Award.' (USATSI)

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NEW YORK -- The NFL is handing out its biggest awards on Saturday during a two-hour show that will air at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. If you can't wait until 8 p.m. though, you can get all the winners here. 

Will Peyton Manning add to his NFL record with a fifth NFL MVP Award? Who will be in the NFL's 2014 Hall of Fame class? Who will get snubbed? 

The NFL Honors live blog will answer all of those questions.'s Will Brinson and Ryan Wilson are on hand at Radio City Music Hall to give you all the news before you can watch it on TV. Click their names if you want to follow them on Twitter, which you'll probably want to do because they're tweeting out photos and other cool stuff.

Anyway, lets get to the awards. 

NFL offensive rookie of the year: The first award of the night goes to -- 

Lacy beat out Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen who finished No. 2 in the vote. Allen was named's offensive rookie of the year by five votes over Lacy, but the vote on Saturday wasn't close at all. Lacy beat Allen 35-12, you can read all about Lacy's win by clicking here

Remember when I said Ryan Wilson and Will Brinson were tweeting out photos, here's a picture of Lacy's jacket. It's amazing. 

Hall of Fame

Ladies and gentleman, if you need a reason to drink champagne tonight, I have one: THERE'S A PUNTER IN THER PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME. Reportedly. The NFL hasn't officially announced it, but someone who's friends with Ray Guy has spilled the beans early: 

The Hall of Fame wasn't only accepting punters this year. According to the New York Daily News, Michael Strahan is also in. Former Seahawks offensive lineman Walter Jones is also in the class of 2014, according to KJR-AM in Seattle

Don't pop the punter champagne just yet, Guy isn't on Chris Mortensen's list of Hall of Famers. That doesn't necessarily mean Guy isn't in, it just means Mortensen hasn't heard his name yet:  

NFL Defensive rookie of the year: Packers running back Eddie Lacy took home the offensive rookie of the year award, your defensive rookie of the year? Sheldon Ricardson. 

Richardson is a first-rounder who paid off for the Jets, you can read more about the 13th overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft by clicking here. Richardson was also's defensive rookie of the year, so basically, everyone seems to agree: Richardson is good. 

NFL Comeback player of the year: Lets give the mic to Will Brinson for the announcement -- 

Someone in the AFC West was destined to win this award. Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith won the's comeback player of the year, but it was Rivers who took home the NFL's official version of the award. Lets all hope a Raiders quarterback wins it next year. You can read about Rivers' win by clicking here. 

NFL Coach of the year: If you bet on Ron Rivera to win the NFL's coach of the year award, then pat yourself on the back because you have some Riverboat awesomeness in you. The Riverboat gambler in Carolina was named the NFL's coach of the year. 

Rivera was also named's coach of the year. He also won the award for best nickname ever by an NFL head coach. That's not an official award, but it probably should be. Click here to find out everything you need to know about Rivera winning the NFL's coach of the year award. 

How do you celebrate a coach of the year award? Like this: 

Official Hall of Fame Class

Punters are officially people too. We have a Hall of Fame class and the class of 2014 includes former Raiders punter Ray Guy. The 2014 class also includes: Michael Strahan, Andre Reed, Walter Jones, Derrick Brooks, Aeneas Williams, Claude Humphrey. Since nothing's official until I link to a tweet, here's the news from the mothership: 

NFL Defensive player of the year: Luke Kuechly is probably going to need a bigger trophy shelf. The Panthers linebacker, who won the defensive rookie of the year award in 2012, just won a slightly bigger award -- and at least one person on Twitter is not happy about it: 

NFL Offensive player of the year: Peyton Manning has a lot of MVP trophies at home (four, maybe five by the end of the night), but what he doesn't have a big collection of is offensive player of the year awards. Manning has only won the award one time and that came in 2004. Actually, now he's won it twice. 

NFL MVP: For an NFL record fifth time, Peyton Manning is your MVP. Manning also held the old record, which was four. Besides Manning, no other player has won the award more than three times. Apparently Manning won the award in a landslide.  

Manning didn't win the award unanimously though, he only got 49 out of the 50 total votes. So who got the one vote that Manning didn't get? Guess. Seriously, I'll sit here while you guess. Jamaal Charles? Nope. Drew Brees? Nope. Alright, we could be here all night, so I'll just tell you: Tom Brady. 

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