The Ravens pairing of safeties Tony Jefferson and Eric Weddle could be special.

Jefferson, a San Diego native, and Weddle, who spent most of his career with the Chargers, are already close -- and Weddle helped recruit him to Baltimore. The former Arizona Cardinals safety signed a four-year deal worth a reported $36 million

Their chemistry was already apparent on Tuesday, when a snowstorm blanketed Maryland.

Jefferson, not experienced in the snow, was staying at a hotel near the Ravens practice facility and was shocked to see his rental car snowed under when he was about to head to the team headquarters.

I happened to be talking to him for my “B-More Opinionated” podcast at the time and asked him he needed me to swing by with some shovels.

“Nah, I’m good man,” Jefferson told me. “Weddle is pulling up right now.”

Jefferson previously played for the Cardinals and inked a four-year deal with the Ravens. Getty Images

I asked if Weddle was going to dig out the car for him and if he had the necessary tools.

“I’m going to jump in his truck and he’s going to bring me to the facility and drive me back.”

Not bad service at all. The veteran is already taking care of the youngster (Jefferson just turned 25), and these two have every intention of being the best tandem in the NFL.

“The possibility of us two being the best safety tandem is very high,” Jefferson told us. “If you just look at it, me and Eric can do everything. We can play man, we can come up in the box.”  

And, with a little teamwork, they can survive a winter storm as well and still get to work on time.

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