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More and more players around the NFL are taking advantage of the league's new jersey-number roles. Now that skill-position players are allowed to wear numbers in the single-digits, one player with the Los Angeles Rams is switching his jersey to No. 2 -- but it's not the Rams player people thought it would be. 

Jalen Ramsey, who wore No. 8 during his college career at Florida State but had recently mused about possibly wearing 2, will not be making that switch. Instead, wide receiver Robert Woods -- who has worn No. 17 during his four years with the Rams -- will be the one making that switch. Woods wore No. 2 during his college career at USC, and will be donning the digit again in L.A. 

Woods isn't the only Rams player switching to a single-digit number. Fellow wideout DeSean Jackson, who was worn No. 10 or 11 throughout his 13-year career, will now wear No. 1. Cornerback Darious Williams, who wore No. 27 with the Ravens and No. 31 with the Rams, will switch to No. 11 next season. And second-year safety Jordan Fuller, who wore No. 32 as a rookie, will switch back to his No. 4 jersey that he wore in college. 

The players who were already on the Rams will have to buy the remaining inventory of their old jersey number in order to make the switch, but Jackson -- who changed teams in the offseason -- doesn't have to do the same.