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Barry Sanders has returned to social media nearly a week after announcing that he experienced a "health scare" over Father's Day weekend. The NFL legend and former Lions Hall of Fame running back said that the scare was related to his heart. 

Sanders' first public post since announcing his scare was to inform his followers that he would not be participating in this week's Rocket Mortgage Classic Pro-Am held at Detroit Golf Club. Sanders has been a regular at the event over the years. 

"It is killing me to not be able to tee it up today at the @RocketClassic," Sanders wrote on X. "My first time missing it in a while. ... To all the fans out there @DetroitGolfClub I will miss you the most." 

As he alluded to in his post announcing his health scare, Sanders is taking time to "prioritize my health and well-being." He said that the health scare served a a reminder "of the importance of staying vigilant about our physical well-being, even when we are feeling fine." 

Despite retiring from the NFL 25 years ago, Sanders remains one of pro football's most popular players. Last fall, the Lions built a statue in Sanders' honor. Two months later, Amazon Prime released a documentary on Sanders detailing his career and his stunning decision to retire despite still being at the top of his game. 

Sanders, 55, currently serves as an ambassador for the Lions. He recently took part in the 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit. He also served as one of the honorary captains when the Lions faced the 49ers in last year's NFC Championship. 

Sanders is involved with several charities, including Scleroderma Research Foundation. Sanders lost his sister, Nancy, to the disease at a young age. 

"The toughest person I've ever known wasn't Daddy, and it wasn't Lawrence Taylor, Howie Long, or John Lynch," Sanders once said. "The toughest person I've ever known is my sister Nancy, and the toughest thing I've ever had to endure was watching her fight a slow death."