NFL Network's Ian Rapoport catches a ball to the face during Texans-Packers pregame

Rapoport nearly gets KO'd by a stray football during Sunday night's Packers-Texans game. (

On Sunday night before the Texans-Packers game, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport (aka @RapSheet) was on the sideline of Reliant Stadium, filing a report on the Sunday night game.

That's when a football came careening his way and nearly knocked him over. The result was on-screen hilarity.

Now, I'd like to think that maybe Graham Harrell threw it (or perhaps Jake Delhomme was in the stadium hanging out for old time's sake?), but the reality is someone was probably pranking Rapoport pretty good here.

The culprit who comes to mind is Aaron Rodgers. He has the juvenile humor to do something like this, and if you saw Sunday night's evisceration of the Texans, you certainly know he had the accuracy for it as well.

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