NFL, NFLPA in talks but no closer to agreement on drug policy

Several people with knowledge of the NFL and NFLPA negotiations on the drug policy assert there was nothing new or close about the situation other than the fact the sides were again talking about the issue.

The major potential advances of a new global drug policy have been in place for quite some time and the same areas of impasse have remained as well -- most notably over who would have authority to arbitrate cases where a player is accused of using a PED but there is no failed test to back it up. Everything else -- like new thresholds for positive tests for pot, tougher DUI standards and reclassification of certain drugs from PEDs to substance abuse -- has long been agreed to, as have certain standards for what would constitute a positive test for HGH.

But hurdles remain and more than one source have told me they will believe this issue is actually resolved when they see the new policy. As to the idea that Wes Welker and Josh Gordon could be grandfathered in and have their suspensions revoked, numerous sources, including lawyers who have represented other players, have told me they would have strong lawsuits against the NFL and/or NFLPA for their players.

Those who also tested positive for totals between what the current threshold is and what the new one would be, and who already lost millions on salary due to suspensions from discipline during this new CBA would be irate if now players with announced suspensions suddenly had theirs revoked based on timing.

It would be a Pandora's box, and the kind of scenario the league usually goes to lengths to avoid.

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