NFL: 'No basis' for punishing Giants over alleged faking injuries

Jerry Jones will likely be upset with the NFL's decision.
The NFL says there's 'no basis' to back Jerry Jones' injury-faking allegation. (USATSI)

Even though the Cowboys emerged victorious on Sunday night, Dallas owner Jerry Jones wasn't satisified with just winning. He alleged following the game that the Giants were faking injuries in order to slow down Dallas no-huddle attack.

Jones even went so far as to say that the Giants ploy was "so obvious it was funny." The NFL disagrees, noting Tuesday there's "no basis" for punishing the Giants for

"We see no basis at this time for taking action," an NFL spokesperson told Art Stapleton of the New Jersey Record.

Alleging that teams are faking injuries is in vogue (allegedly in vogue?) this year with no-huddle offenses proliferating in playbooks around the NFL.

It's not really something new though. As former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher recently admitted, Chicago had a "fall guy" for slowing down up-tempo offenses. Offenses are going to push the limits in certain respects and defenses are going to respond accordingly. That's the nature of football.

Of course, Dan Connor would probably like a word with Jones: he missed the rest of the game after going down with an injury.

And it never really seemed that there was anything from the Sunday night opener so egregious it warranted punishment. Clearly the NFL agrees.

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