While the rest of the American professional sports world came to a screeching halt in mid-March, the NFL mostly continued apace in its usual course of business. That difference in respective courses of action made sense at the time, given that many leagues were in the midst of their actual seasons and the NFL was just getting ready to start its usual offseason program. 

As the coronavirus pandemic has kept other sports on the sideline, the NFL has joined those leagues in changing things just a bit. Rookie minicamps were canceled. OTAs were all held virtually. Training camp may be postponed and the preseason will be shortened

But the NFL doesn't seem interested in changing much more than that. League representatives have insisted all offseason that the 2020 season will happen, and recent reports have indicated that the league could have fans in the stadiums even if they have to sign waivers, which themselves are a fairly clear indication that fans shouldn't be there at all. 

That reluctance to change too much apparently extends to the 2021 NFL Draft. According to a report from USA Today's Dan Wolken, the NFL recently declined when asked by the NCAA if it would consider pushing back the 2021 draft in the event that the college football season had to be postponed until the spring. 

Pushing the draft back to accommodate the college season would make logical sense, but the NFL has long been strident in its beliefs and activities. Not moving the draft back in the event of a spring college season might not be what's best for the potential draftees or even for the teams (because they'd presumably want more time to scout players who are still playing in March and April), but apparently, the league itself is not interested in pursuing that option should spring college football be in the cards.