NFL offseason pop quiz: What do you know before summer vacation?

Who tied Jamaal Charles in rushing touchdowns? No peeking. (USATSI)
Who tied Jamaal Charles in rushing touchdowns? No peeking. (USATSI)

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School is out most everywhere the country and NFL players and coaches are headed out on vacation. Before we put the entire 2013 season to rest and get ready for the Hall of Fame game in six weeks, so it's time for a pop quiz about last season.

There are 20 questions, from which you will earn one of six designations:

Hall of Fame: 19-20 correct answers
All-Pro: 17-18 correct
Starter: 15-16 correct
Backup: 13-14 correct
Practice squad: 11-12 correct
Hand in your playbook: 10 or fewer correct

Good luck, and your pop quiz begins now:

1: Who joined Jamaal Charles with the most rushing touchdowns?

A: Adrian Peterson
B: LeSean McCoy
C: Marshawn Lynch
D: Eddie Lacy

2: Which running back had the most runs of more than 20 yards?

A: Alfred Morris
B: Adrian Peterson
C: Marshawn Lynch
D: LeSean McCoy

3: Who is the only running back to average more than 100 yards rushing per game?

A: Jamaal Charles
B: LeSean McCoy
C: Adrian Peterson
D: Alfred Morris

4: Which QB threw the most interceptions?

A: Matthew Stafford
B: Carson Palmer
C: Eli Manning
D: Andy Dalton

5: After Peyton Manning, (55) and Drew Brees (39) who was third in touchdown passes with 33 last season?

A: Philip Rivers
B: Andy Dalton
C: Matt Stafford
D: Tom Brady

6: Six quarterbacks had more than 600 pass attempts last year. Five of them were Manning, Brees, Brady, Stafford at Matt Ryan. Who was the sixth?

A: Jay Cutler
B: Carson Palmer
C: Ben Roethlisberger
D: Joe Flacco

7: Which wide receiver led the league in touchdown receptions?

A: Demaryius Thomas
B: Calvin Johnson
C: A.J. Green
D: Dez Bryant

8: Which WR led the league in receptions of more than 20 yards?

A: Antonio Brown
B: DeSean Jackson
C: Josh Gordon
D: Demaryius Thomas

9: Which wide receiver had the most receptions in 2013?

A: Julian Edelman
B: Pierre Garcon
C: Brandon Marshall
D: Andre Johnson

10: How many pass rushers in the NFL had at least 10 sacks?

A: 13
B: 17
C: 20
D: 23

11: Who was the one non-linebacker credited with 100-plus tackles?

A: Eric Weddle
B: Troy Polamalu
C: Barry Church
D: Earl Thomas

12: Which NFL defensive player forced the most fumbles?

A: Robert Mathis
B: Luke Kuechly
C: J.J. Watt
D: Robert Quinn

13: Which pass-rush duo registered the most combined sacks?

A: Cameron Jordan, Junior Galette
B: Robert Quinn, Chris Long
C: Mario Williams, Kyle Williams
D: Greg Hardy, Charles Johnson

14: Which returner had the most combined punt and kickoff return yards?

A: Devin Hester
B: Brandon Tate
C: Keshawn Martin
D: Marcus Thigpen

15: Which team gave up the most points per game?

A: Redskins
B: Bears
C: Vikings
D: Raiders

16: Which offense averaged the most rushing yards average per game?

A: Seahawks
B: 49ers
C: Eagles
D: Panthers

17: Which offense had the fewest passing yards per game?

A: 49ers
B: Buccaneers
C: Jets
D: Bills

18: Which rookie QB threw for the most yards?

A: Matt McGloin
B: Mike Glennon
C: EJ Manuel
D: Geno Smith

19: Which team had the worst road record?

A: Browns
B: Texans
C: Vikings
D: Redskins

20: Which was the only team to go undefeated in its division?

A: Colts
B: Broncos
C: Panthers
D: Seahawks

Answers: 1-C, 2-A, 3-B, 4-C, 5-B, 6-D, 7-A, 8-C, 9-B, 10-D, 11-C, 12-A, 13-B, 14-A, 15-C, 16-C, 17-B, 18-D, 19-C, 20-A

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