NFL owners studying Las Vegas market to determine viability

Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis is making his team's potential move to Las Vegas sound like a done deal, but the rest of the NFL's owners are doing their research.

According to Bleacher Report's Jason Cole, the NFL's owners are in the "early stages" of conducting market surveys. They are trying to determine whether Las Vegas is even a viable market for one of the league's franchises.

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Per Cole, the research could be complete by the end of November. That means it could be done by the time the owners reconvene for the league's annual winter meetings. They are currently together in Houston for fall meetings, where they've likely begun preliminary discussions on the possible relocation of the Raiders.

Aside from it being the gambling capital of the country, the big problem with Las Vegas is that it's a much smaller market than Oakland. Some owners are reportedly concerned about this.

"I think in general we don’t like to leave big markets for small markets," an anonymous official with one NFL team told the Washington Post this week. "That’s as big as anything. I think most people are not crazy about that."

If the market research is complete before winter meetings, as Cole's report suggests, the Las Vegas relocation could come up for a vote then. Previous reports said it could take six to nine months to get the league's approval. In order to go through, the relocation plan needs to be approved by 24 of the NFL's 32 owners (75 percent).

The Raiders may already have the funding in place for a stadium project in Las Vegas, but it appears as though the league's owners will be much more difficult to convince than the Nevada state legislature.

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