USA Today

One of the most stunning and perplexing moments of Sunday's NFL slate came during the third quarter of the Bears-Saints game when Bears receiver Javon Wims decided, seemingly out of nowhere, to jump Saints safety Chauncey Gardner-Johnson. After a fairly innocuous play, Wims approached Garnder-Johnson calmly, tapped him on the shoulder and then immediately began throwing punches. 

It was an ugly scene and one that left us with more questions than answers. Gardner-Johnson looked as confused as anyone and he barely fought back before teammates came to his defense, so what the heck sparked the outburst from Wims? That's what pretty much everyone was left wondering in the aftermath.

Plenty of current and former players from around the league caught the fight on TV and couldn't help but weigh in on the incident. Not surprisingly, many of them found humor in the absurdly random and inexplicable display of violence. 

Others had to address the stupidity of Wims' actions. Not only will sucker punching an opponent and starting a brawl often land you with a fine and/or suspension from the league, it also isn't great for job security with your team. And, on top of all that, punching a guy who is wearing a helmet is inherently dumb no matter the time or place.

If Wims does in fact lose his roster spot in Chicago, Wikipedia has already gone through the trouble of choosing his next career path for him. 

Choose love not violence...but if you're going to choose violence, at least make sure they're not wearing a helmet.