NFL players react to McCoy-Alonso trade on Twitter

The blockbuster trade made by the Eagles and Bills which sent LeSean McCoy to Buffalo and Kiko Alonso to Philadelphia was not only a huge story for its on-field repercussions, but also for the NFL players who watched it happen with wide eyes and quick-typing Twitter fingers. Players current and former took to Twitter to react to the madness. We've captured some of that below.

Oregon jokes:

Come on, guys. That's just two different versions of the same joke. You can do better.

Players happy they won't have to face LeSean McCoy anymore:

Hooray for knees and ankles in Washington, Dallas and New York.

Current and former Eagles are very confused by what is happening:

Seems like things are going great in Philly!

Running back thoughts:

Ryan Clark's got a point.

Let's sell Buffalo!

Canadians are incredibly nice people. Good call, Takeo Spikes.

Thoughts on Chip Kelly, anyone?

Here's hoping Sean Penn doesn't take a trip to Philly, I guess?

Will someone, ANYONE, please say something about the Kiko Alonso part of this deal?

Thank you, Kyle Long.

Players were just as entertained by the trade as fans and media. (Getty Images)

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