The NFL playoff format expanded from 12 to 14 teams this week, changing the landscape of the league as we know it. The 14-team format has energized new life for many teams who would have been playing out the string in December, with no hope of making the postseason. Now, those teams have an opportunity to extend their season and keep their fanbases interested past Thanksgiving. 

An expanded playoff format will be beneficial for the league, especially since zero teams that made the playoffs in a 14-team format since 2000 had a losing record. This also changes the course of history for many franchises that are currently experiencing long playoff droughts or had a head coach fired because his team "couldn't" make the postseason.

So how did all 32 NFL teams fare in terms of playoff qualification with a 14-team postseason? Some teams have a much better postseason resume than what is currently presented while the 14-team playoffs barely affected teams that normally qualified for the postseason anyway. 

Below, we take a look at the teams with the most postseason appearances since 2000 under the 14-team format, along with how the expanded playoffs affected teams with long playoff droughts. 

New England Patriots (18)

Made expanded playoffs: 2008

The Patriots only needed the expanded playoffs once, the year they went 11-5 in 2008 with Matt Cassel at quarterback. New England would have made the playoffs an astonishing 17 consecutive years under the 14-team format, with their last playoff miss being in 2002. 

Green Bay Packers (16)

Made expanded playoffs: 2000, 2006 

The Packers made the playoffs a lot in the 2000s, thanks to Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. They would have made the expanded postseason twice in the Favre-era, which may have extended his career in Green Bay. Fortunately for Rodgers and his Hall of Fame career, that wasn't the case. 

Pittsburgh Steelers (16)

Made expanded playoffs: 2012, 2013, 2018, 2019 

The Steelers would really have benefitted from the 14-team playoffs, making the expanded postseason a league-high four times. Makes their playoff resume in the 2010s a lot better than it actually is, giving Mike Tomlin even more job security than he already has. 

Philadelphia Eagles (14)

Made expanded playoffs: 2014

The Eagles were already one of the most successful franchises this century, not needing the expanded playoffs much. They would have made it in Chip Kelly's second year, which likely would have extended his tenure in Philly. Thankfully, that didn't happen. 

Seattle Seahawks (14)

Made expanded playoffs: 2001 (in AFC)

The Seahawks only needed the expanded postseason once, in their final year as a member of the AFC. Clearly their fate as an NFC franchise has been much better. 

Indianapolis Colts (14)

Made expanded playoffs: None 

The Colts were so good under Peyton Manning they didn't need a 14-team playoff to get in, only qualifying as a non-division winner five times. Having 14 10-win seasons since 2000 helps. 

Baltimore Ravens (13)

Made expanded playoffs: 2017

The Ravens only needed the expanded playoffs the year they collapsed in the final seconds against the Bengals. That team didn't deserve to make the playoffs anyway. If they did, Baltimore probably doesn't draft Lamar Jackson

Minnesota Vikings (12)

Made expanded playoffs: 2003, 2005, 2007, 2018 

The Vikings would have benefitted from the No. 7 seed, qualifying the most times in the NFC. Don't know how this country could take two more games of Mike Tice coaching a playoff game, especially since he likely would have kept his job in the process. 

New Orleans Saints (11)

Made expanded playoffs: 2002, 2004

Jim Haslett and those early 2000s Saints' teams would have had a chance to pull off more postseason magic. The Saints maybe don't pursue Drew Brees or hire Sean Payton with more postseason appearances. 

Denver Broncos (11)

Made expanded playoffs: 2002, 2006

Mike Shanahan makes the playoffs two more times in Denver, trying to prove he can win with Brian Griese at quarterback. We also would have gotten Jay Cuter starting a playoff game with the Broncos. 

Atlanta Falcons (10)

Made expanded playoffs: 2009, 2015

The Falcons made the playoffs a lot in the 21st century, but these teams that qualified for the expanded postseason weren't that good. Just more chances to make another postseason meme. 

Kansas City Chiefs (10)

Made expanded playoffs: 2005

The Chiefs made the playoffs a lot under Andy Reid, but were also a good team in the early 2000s with Dick Vermeil, who makes the playoffs in his final season as a head coach. A 10-6 record is typically good enough to get in anyway. 

New York Giants (9)

Made expanded playoffs: 2010

Eli Manning would have made one more postseason appearance, in a year he threw 25 interceptions. Of course, this Giants team had a better regular season record (10-6) than the team that won the Super Bowl the next year (9-7). 

Tennessee Titans (9)

Made expanded playoffs: 2011, 2016

The Titans always seemed to flirt with the .500 mark with Jeff Fisher, but he doesn't even make the playoffs with this expanded format. Mike Munchak and Mike Mularkey do. 

New York Jets (8)

Made expanded playoffs: 2000, 2015

The 10-6 Jets deserved a spot in the playoffs in 2015, as everyone loved that team. Plus, their playoff drought wouldn't be nine years. 

Houston Texans (8)

Made expanded playoffs: 2009, 2014

The Texans would have qualified for their first postseason appearance two years earlier. Bill O'Brien would have made the postseason in year one as a head coach. All you need to know. 

Los Angeles Chargers (8)

Made expanded playoffs: 2010

Another playoff game for Philip Rivers? With Norv Turner coaching? Why not. 

Los Angeles Rams (7)

Made expanded playoffs: 2019

The Rams would have made the playoffs last year with all that in-season drama. Perhaps Sean McVay could have redeemed himself for that Super Bowl performance. 

Carolina Panthers (7)

Made expanded playoffs: None

The Panthers just didn't need the No. 7 seed to make the playoffs. They typically get in winning the NFC South. 

Cincinnati Bengals (7)

Made expanded playoffs: None

You figure the Bengals would need the expanded playoffs to get in right? Nope. Playoff drought still at four years. 

Dallas Cowboys (7)

Made expanded playoffs: None

Dallas never needed a No. 7 seed to get in. They had a chance in 2008, but that team was blown out by the Eagles and actually lost a tiebreaker to the Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7)

Made expanded playoffs: 2008 

The playoff drought is 11 years instead of 12, but Jon Gruden probably keeps his job. 

Chicago Bears (6)

Made expanded playoffs: 2011, 2012

Chicago's postseason resume this century isn't as bad and Lovie Smith isn't fired (Marc Trestman isn't hired either). 

San Francisco 49ers (6)

Made expanded playoffs: None

Nothing changed with the 49ers. Half of their playoff appearances came under Jim Harbaugh and they were bad in the years before and after him (not counting 2019). 

Miami Dolphins (5)

Made expanded playoffs: 2003

The Dolphins have only made the playoffs twice since 2001. That expands to three times with the 2003 appearance. 

Washington Redskins (5)

Made expanded playoffs: 2001

No surprise, the Redskins are bad. They make the playoffs in Marty Schottenheimer's lone year as a head coach there. Perhaps Dan Snyder doesn't fire him for Steve Spurrier. 

Arizona Cardinals (5)

Made expanded playoffs: 2013

The Cardinals only made the playoffs as a wild-card team once this century. Make that twice as Bruce Arians and his squad qualify for the postseason three straight years. 

Detroit Lions (4)

Made expanded playoffs: 2017 

Jim Caldwell keeps his job and the Lions reach the playoffs three times in four years. What's so bad about that? 

Jacksonville Jaguars (4)

Made expanded playoffs: 2004

The Jaguars have made the playoffs just once since 2007. They make the playoffs three times in four years under the expanded format. 

Oakland Raiders (4)

Made expanded playoffs: None

The Raiders have reached the postseason just once since 2002. They were 8-8 in 2010 and 2011 and still didn't come close toward making the playoffs. 

Buffalo Bills (2)

Made expanded playoffs: None

The Bills made the playoffs twice in the last three years. Winning seasons in 2004 and 2014 weren't enough to qualify for the playoffs as a No. 7 seed. 

Cleveland Browns (2)

Made expanded playoffs: 2007

The 17-year playoff drought is over! The Browns make the playoffs in 2007, the year they went 10-6 with Derek Anderson at quarterback. Cleveland still would have the longest postseason drought at 12 years.