After beating the Chiefs 54-51 in a wild game that somehow lived up to its lofty expectations, the Rams will definitely be heading into their bye this week on a high note, and there's a chance their day off could turn into a giant celebration. 

Although the Rams won't be on the field in Week 12, we might end up seeing them celebrate anyway, and that's because they have a chance to win the division on Sunday. The Rams could officially clinch the NFC West title this week and for that to happen, they only need one game to go their way, according to NFL tiebreaking guru Joe Ferreira

The game in question? Seattle at Carolina. 

If the Seahawks lose, then the Rams will become the first team to clinch a division title in 2018. 

The game between the Seahawks and Panthers kicks off at 10 a.m. PT, which means the Rams could have the division clinched by the time players are finishing their lunch on Sunday. 

If the Seahawks do lose, it would be a history-making situation for the Rams. For one, it would give them back-to-back division titles for the first time since the 1978 and 1979 seasons. Those two titles were actually part of an absurdly impressive run during the 1970s where the Rams won seven consecutive NFC West titles (1973-79). During the streak, the Rams played in five NFC title games and one Super Bowl. 

If the Rams do end up winning the NFC West title this week, they would also make history in another way. According to Pro Football Researcher Ivan Urena, the Rams would join the 1938 Packers as the only team in NFL history to clinch a playoff berth during an off week. 

If that happens, the Rams better hope their season doesn't end the same way as Green Bay's did in 1938 and that's because the Packers ended up losing in the NFL championship game. 

Of course, the Rams aren't the only team in the playoff race. For a look at the entire NFL playoff picture, be sure to click here to check out Will Brinson's thorough breakdown of what the playoff race looks like as we head into Week 12.

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