The NFL postponed offseason activities on Monday, two days before the start of the league's new year. The move is in direct correlation to the coronavirus that has shut down schools, restaurants and movie theaters over the past several days. 

In a memo issued to every NFL team (shared in its entirety by ESPN's Adam Schefter via Twitter), the league also put in new policies for free agency, which will officially begin on Wednesday. When it comes to free agency, NFL teams may not bring any free agent player, including their own, to a club facility or other location to meet with club personnel. Club personnel, including members of the team's medical staff, cannot travel to any location to meet with a free agent. 

With regard to offseason activities, the memo stated that the league and the NFLPA will continue to monitor the developing situation and "follow the guidance of medical and applicable health professionals, including their respective medical advisors to determine an appropriate start date for such activities and other related considerations." 

The NFL and its teams have agreed to prohibit players from entering any team facility for a period of two weeks, starting on March 17 and continuing through March 31. This does not apply to players under contract with the teams who are currently receiving medical treatment from the team's medical and/or training staff. 

The memo was made public hours after it was announced that the NFL will not postpone next month's draft but confirmed that all public events have been canceled. The draft was initially supposed to take place in Las Vegas.