The Dallas Cowboys have their quarterback of the future.

They also have their quarterback controversy of the now.

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Do they stay with rookie quarterback Dak Prescott, who is 5-1 as a replacement starter for the injured Tony Romo? Or do they go to Romo when he's cleared to play, possibly next week after this week's bye?

It's a tough decision for sure. But ask yourself this: Who's the better quarterback right now? It's clearly Romo -- if he's healthy. Prescott has been impressive, but which of the games he's won would Romo not have won with the way everything played out? Romo would have won them all as well.

The Cowboys, who are in the fourth spot now here in my Power Rankings, have run the heck out of the football behind the best offensive line and Ezekiel Elliott. They've also played much better defense than anybody expected. It was the defense and the running game sprinkled in with timely throws by Prescott -- three for TDs -- that led the Cowboys past the Packers Sunday.

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Owner and GM Jerry Jones has always insisted that Romo would get his job back when he was healthy, but he's been non-committal the past couple of weeks and almost sounded like Prescott would stay in as the starter after the Packers game. It's a tough call in a lot of ways.

Romo has carried the Cowboys at times in his career, but three major injuries over the past two seasons are causing his body to break down. Prescott is young, fast and healthy and can make all the throws.

There is no sentiment in football, which is why the Cowboys have to do what's right. I think going to Romo would be right, but I think they stay with the kid when they play next at Philadelphia against the Eagles on Oct. 30.

Whatever they do, it's a controversy -- even if they won't admit it.

Biggest Movers
11 Chargers
7 Rams
1 Vikings They come out of their bye with a tough road game at Philadelphia against the Eagles. That will be special for Sam Bradford against the team that traded him to the Vikings. -- 5-6-0
2 Patriots With Tom Brady back, they look to be Super good again. Now comes a tough road game at Pittsburgh. -- 8-4-0
3 Seahawks They rallied against the Falcons to show they are still one of the elite of the NFC. The defense showed some leakage, though. 4 3-8-0
4 Cowboys Don't sleep on how well the defense is playing. The secondary has been really good. 4 8-4-0
5 Packers They just don't seem to be right on offense. When does it start to work? Aaron Rodgers isn't the same passer right now. 2 9-3-0
6 Falcons That was a tough loss at Seattle, but they went 1-1 on the tough stretch out west. They still look like the class of the NFC South. 2 5-6-0
7 Broncos They need to get better play from the quarterback position than what they got the past two weeks. If not, they could waste a lot of good defense. 2 6-5-0
8 Steelers Ben Roethlisberger will miss this week's game with the Patriots. That's too bad. The Steelers can't beat the Pats without him. 2 5-5-1
9 Chiefs They came off the bye in impressive fashion by beating the Raiders. The running game was impressive. 3 7-4-0
10 Football Team At 4-2, they've turned their season around. The running game really clicked against the Eagles. 3 5-6-0
11 Bills They've ripped off four consecutive victories. But now the schedule gets really tough the next month, starting with a road game at Miami. 3 7-4-0
12 Eagles They've lost two consecutive games on the road, and the defense hasn't looked good. Getting back home to face the Vikings won't be easy. 3 5-7-0
13 Raiders They have major defensive issues and now face a long road trip to Jacksonville. They can't stop anybody. 3 6-5-0
14 Texans That Brock Osweiler deal isn't looking so good. Now they face his former team in Denver this week. 3 2-9-0
15 Giants They got Odell Beckham Jr. going against the Ravens, and that could get them going on offense. They have a long road trip to London to face the Rams. 4 4-7-0
16 Cardinals They looked good beating the Jets, but now they face a big division battle with the rival Seahawks. Are they ready for that? 1 9-2-0
17 Chargers They looked good against the Broncos to get to 2-4. But they face a tough road trip to Atlanta this week. 11 6-5-0
18 Saints They've won two consecutive games to get to 2-3. In their division, they still have a shot to win it. 2 5-7-0
19 Lions With a home game this week against the Redskins, they have a chance to get over .500. Matthew Stafford is playing well. 3 0-10-1
20 Titans At 3-3, they are in the thick of their division race with a big one this week with the Colts. The running game has been good. 6 8-4-0
21 Colts Blowing that victory at Houston will come back to hurt this team in the long run. Now they face another division road game at Tennessee. 2 6-6-0
22 Rams They have lost two straight to fall to 3-3 and put that fast start seemingly way in the past. Injuries have hurt. 7 7-4-0
23 Ravens Three consecutive losses have them at .500. They've had a ton of injuries. 7 8-3-0
24 Bengals They just don't look like a playoff team. At 2-4, they have major problems. 6 7-4-0
25 Buccaneers They come off the bye week with a long road trip to San Francisco. That's winnable for sure. 4 8-3-0
26 Jaguars That victory at Chicago could be the thing to get this team going. The offense needs to open up. 1 2-9-0
27 Dolphins They showed some life against the Steelers, and also a nice running game. Now comes a tough division game with Buffalo. 3 5-7-0
28 Jets Is it time to sit Ryan Fitzpatrick down? It's getting to that point. 4 3-8-0
29 Panthers At 1-5, they are done. This season is a disaster. Even getting Cam Newton back couldn't provide a victory. 2 5-7-0
30 Bears This is going to be a long season. For all the talk about Brian Hoyer, he scored 16 points. Oh, boy. 1 4-7-0
31 49ers The change to Colin Kaepernick at quarterback didn't exactly pay off. But he sure wasn't worse than Blaine Gabbert. -- 6-5-0
32 Browns They are still fighting, which is a good sign. Cody Kessler did some good things against the Titans. -- 6-6-0