NFL Power Rankings: Impressive Bears, Dolphins, Chiefs on the rise

It's only three games, but there's no discounting what the unbeaten Bears, Saints, Chiefs and Dolphins have done so far.

All four move up in this week's rankings, while some preseason Super Bowl favorites -- the Texans, Niners and Packers -- drop out of the top 10.

1. Denver Broncos : The Broncos have matchup issues all over this offense and Peyton Manning may lead this team to more points than any team he has ever quarterbacked.

2. Seattle Seahawks : The Seahawks have enough depth that players play hard against teams like Jacksonville because they believe someone will take their spot in the starting lineup if they don't go 100 percent.

3. Chicago Bears : It may be time to sign Jay Cutler to an extension because at this rate he may cost twice as much in February.

4. New Orleans Saints : Rob Ryan continues to impress with very little to work with, and Jimmy Graham is unstoppable.

5. Kansas City Chiefs : You get what you pay for, and Clark Hunt paid for Andy Reid. It is impressive just how good the OLBs are at rushing the passer. Tamba Hali and Justin Houston will crack the 20-sack mark between them.

6. Miami Dolphins : Now I'm starting to believe in Ryan Tannehill and I always liked the front 7 on defense.

7. New England Patriots : Tom Brady may have bought enough time to develop his rookie receivers with a soft opening three games. When Gronk and Danny Amendola come back, the Pats can get back to the no-huddle.

8. Indianapolis Colts : What a statement game for Andrew Luck and company to go out to San Francisco and win a very physical matchup. Luck still hasn't lost two in a row during his career.

9. Cincinnati Bengals : If Andy Dalton can convince opposing defensive coordinators he has a deep ball and can be accurate this team will go far.

10. Baltimore Ravens : Beating Houston without Ray Rice is a strong statement.

11. Dallas Cowboys : The NFC east is a mess and the Cowboys can pull away, especially if DeMarco Murray stays healthy.

12. Houston Texans : A week ago they were looking like a legitimate Super Bowl contender but fell back in the pack.

13. Detroit Lions : Finally getting a win in Washington after 21 straight loses is nice, but winning without Reggie Bush was more important. The defense still has question marks in the back seven.

14. San Francisco 49ers : Ten points in two weeks, Aldon Smith on his way to rehab and the top running back questioning his coach! The Seattle beating a week ago looks like it caused more damage than I expected.

15. Green Bay Packers : The Packers had 399 yards of offense and lost to Cincinnati and are now 1-2. The Packers couldn't get started and then they couldn't finish.

16. Tennessee Titans : A quiet team no one talks about that plays well in the trenches. Finally, Jake Locker looked like a real NFL QB leading his team to a win on the last possession.

17. New York Jets : No one in New York saw this coming with the Jets the talk of the town and the Giants in disarray.

18. Atlanta Falcons : So many injuries to overcome especially on defense where they struggled to rush the passer before people got hurt.

19. Carolina Panthers : The Panthers' beatdown of the Giants was impressive. To shut a team out in the NFL is tough enough, but to shut out Eli Manning and his receivers is on a whole other level.

20. San Diego Chargers : The Chargers gave the game away to Tennessee when they couldn't stop a Jake Locker two-minute drill. That's what average teams do.

21. Philadelphia Eagles : Well, I guess the Eagles aren't going to change the way offense is played in the NFL any time soon and they can forget the two-point trick plays. The defense can't stop anyone right now.

22. Arizona Cardinals : The Cardinals are a middle-of-the-road team that can put up points if Carson Palmer is protected. A good pass rush neutralizes this team.

23. St. Louis Rams : The Rams didn't look like they were ready to play in Dallas. I thought the Rams defense was a lot better than how they played this week. There are questions to be answered.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers : The Steelers still have their Steeler pride, but they make too many mistakes and now sit at 0-3 and head to London. It could get worse.

25. Buffalo Bills : EJ Manuel is going to be a very good quarterback but ran into a much underrated Jets defense on the road this week. Too many injuries during the game to get a win.

26. Cleveland Browns : I gotta say that the Browns came to play after all the turmoil around the Trent Richardson trade and rumors the front office has just about every player up for sale.

27. Washington Redskins : RG3 is averaging 48 pass plays a game. In the six-game winning streak last year to win the division he averaged 28 pass plays. The defense is being manhandled.

28. Minnesota Vikings : Christian Ponder is taking all the heat but Brian Hoyer , with two career touchdowns to his name, just came into the Vikings' building and threw for 321 yards and three touchdowns. The Vikings' pass defense is very suspect.

29. New York Giants : Things went from bad to worse once again, and the Giants just hit rock bottom. Shocking when you consider the Panthers were missing almost their whole secondary.

30. Oakland Raiders : The Raiders fight … they just don't have a lot of talent.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers : There is too much talent on this roster for the team to be ranked so low. Josh Freeman threw 41 times this week but for no touchdowns.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars : They look like a team that may not win a game. I do believe Gus Bradley will not let that happen

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