There is a running joke every year that I pick the Green Bay Packers to win the Super Bowl.

I won't be doing it this year.

Yes, the Packers are coming off a 13-3 season that saw them a game away from the Super Bowl, but they've done little this offseason to give me reason to think they can take the next step.

As much as I think quarterback Aaron Rodgers can still get them there, the Packers did little to help him out this offseason, especially in the draft. Not only did Green Bay avoid helping their star passer, but they also traded up in the first round to take his replacement.

That's insanity, considering Rodgers can still play at a high level and this team has talent.

Drafting Utah State quarterback Jordan Love in the first round and running back A.J. Dillon in the second has some saying it's just the Packers sending a message to Rodgers. Is this the message: We might waste a few more years with your talents?

Green Bay general manager Brian Gutekunst had an outstanding offseason last year, but that hasn't been the case this time around. There is no way to justify the Love pick in my mind. None.

Rodgers can be difficult -- we know that -- but this idea that second-year coach Matt LaFleur can't co-exist with him is absurd. The Packers needed to get him receiver help or some help to fix a run defense that was terrible last season.

Not doing so is a bad move, and it's why the Packers have dropped two spots here in my post-draft Power Rankings to the No. 7 spot. While other teams were getting better, the Packers did little to help in 2020.

The top spots remain the same in these rankings from my post-free agency rankings. The Kansas City Chiefs are still No. 1, followed by the Baltimore Ravens and New Orleans Saints. They will head into the 2020 season as the league's best in my books.

Green Bay? Rodgers still makes them a threat to win it all. It's too bad the Packers brass didn't think enough of that talent to help him do it.

Biggest Movers
5 Cardinals
5 Patriots
1 Chiefs They haven't done much this offseason, but just keeping the brunt of the team together makes them the favorite. Hey, they do have Patrick Mahomes. -- 12-5-0
2 Ravens They had an outstanding draft and have done a nice job filling holes this offseason. They will be much better on defense than a year ago. -- 8-9-0
3 Saints Adding Emmanuel Sanders will help the offense and they have much of their team back from a year ago. That's enough to make them a true contender. -- 9-8-0
4 49ers They did a nice job in the draft of filling holes, with landing left tackle Trent Williams in a trade being the biggest move. They will be right back in the mix to win it all. -- 10-7-0
5 Bills Here come the Bills. They've stocked the roster and now it's all about Josh Allen growing as a passer, which I think he will do. 2 11-6-0
6 Seahawks They haven't had a great offseason in terms of adding pieces that will help right away, but Russell Wilson will again make this team a contender. -- 7-10-0
7 Packers Why didn't they help Aaron Rodgers in the draft? Why didn't they help the defense? Trading up in the first round for a quarterback was a bad move. 2 13-4-0
8 Buccaneers The offense has added Rob Gronkowski and Tristan Wirfs to go with Tom Brady. But this season will be decided by how well the secondary plays. 2 13-4-0
9 Eagles They added some much-needed speed outside in the draft, but why did they take Jalen Hurts in the second round? Carson Wentz is the guy - and should be. 1 9-8-0
10 Cowboys They had a nice draft, and receiver CeeDee Lamb will help the offense, but does the Dak Prescott contract situation impact this team? I think it can. 1 12-5-0
11 Colts I didn't love their draft, but landing DeForest Buckner for their first-round pick will help the defense. They will win the AFC South. -- 9-8-0
12 Cardinals This is a team that had an outstanding offseason, landing receiver DeAndre Hopkins and fixing the defense. They will be much improved. 5 11-6-0
13 Vikings They had a good draft, adding a lot of quality players. But can the defense be as good with so many players departing and new players starting? -- 8-9-0
14 Falcons This is a make-or-break year for coach Dan Quinn. They did make some nice offseason additions to help the defense, but is it enough? 4 7-10-0
15 Steelers With Ben Roethlisberger back, they will be a factor in the AFC North again. The defense should be good again. 1 9-7-1
16 Titans They will be the same team as a year ago: run-heavy with Derrick Henry and hope the defense can step up. They have a 9-7 look about them. 1 12-5-0
17 Patriots This team clearly looks to be in rebuild mode. They had a lot of draft picks and much of them looked like down-the-road players. Can Jarrett Stidham play? 5 10-7-0
18 Broncos John Elway had a good draft and added some much-needed weapons to the offense in Jerry Jeudy and K.J. Hamler. Drew Lock has to be happy. 2 7-10-0
19 Rams They played in a Super Bowl 16 months ago and hardly resemble the same team. This season will challenge Sean McVay and his new coordinators. -- 12-5-0
20 Raiders They've added some good players in the offseason, and first-round receiver Henry Ruggs will be fun. But is Derek Carr really the answer? Or will they play Marcus Mariota? -- 10-7-0
21 Chargers They are talented, so it's all about the quarterback spot. How long does Tyrod Taylor keep the job before first-round pick Justin Herbert takes it? -- 9-8-0
22 Browns Getting two tackles in the offseason was the right thing to do. There are no more excuses for the offense and Baker Mayfield. -- 8-9-0
23 Bengals Getting Joe Burrow will make this franchise relevant for the next decade. They are moving in the right direction. 4 10-7-0
24 Dolphins The Dolphins have had a great offseason. If Tua Tagovailoa is what they think he is, they will be a playoff team in 2021. This team is on the rise. -- 9-8-0
25 Texans They have a big-time quarterback in Deshaun Watson, but have they done enough to be a Super Bowl contender? I don't think so. 2 4-13-0
26 Bears Their biggest question remains quarterback. Is it Mitch Trubisky or Nick Foles? Does it matter? 1 6-11-0
27 Lions Their draft didn't do a lot to make me think they can push for anything more than fourth in the division. Is this the end for Matt Patricia? 3 3-13-1
28 Jets The roster overhaul will take some time, but they had a solid draft. They need Sam Darnold to take big strides this season. 2 4-13-0
29 Panthers The draft focused on defense, which will help a bad unit, but they might need to score a lot this season. The offense will be good if Teddy Bridgewater is what they think he can be. 1 5-12-0
30 Giants They did a nice job adding to the offensive line in the draft, which is a smart long-term play. But they are a year away before they can compete for a playoff spot. 1 4-13-0
31 Jaguars They added some nice free-agent pieces and they had a good draft, but is that enough? That's doubtful. Is Gardner Minshew the answer? -- 3-14-0
32 Commanders This season, despite what they've done in the offseason, will be all about Dwayne Haskins. Does he take the next step? At least the defensive front will be nasty. -- 7-10-0