Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is in the news this week for demanding to sit down with Roger Goodell and have a conversation about safety on the field. Newton said he has been treated unfairly and hit illegally too often, even if leaked reports from the NFL show numbers that indicate otherwise.

He apparently doesn't feel safe on the field and you can't blame him considering how teams have hit him since the start of the season.

The initial review from the league of Sunday's Cardinals-Panthers game agrees with Newton, as Ed Werder of ESPN reports Calais Campbell should've been flagged for a low hit on Newton in Carolina's win.

Gee, you think?

Campbell got up and apologized to Newton -- it didn't appear by any means to be a dirty hit.

But it certainly was an illegal hit and he should've been flagged for it. The NFL can point out calls on Newton all it wants, but the reality is the NFL's own quick appraisal of the situation shows that he has been treated unfairly in at least one situation he complained about.