The donation that Ezekiel Elliott made to the Salvation Army during the Cowboys' win over the Redskins on Thanksgiving is going to cost him more than just the $21 he dropped into the giant red kettle. Elliott didn't get flagged for the celebration, but he reportedly will be fined.

According to a report from NFL Network's Tom Pelissero on Saturday, the league fined Zeke $13,369.

This isn't the first time Elliott has made the Salvation Army a focal point during a touchdown celebration around the holiday season. Two years ago, Elliott jumped into the Salvation Army bin and got flagged for doing so, but avoided a fine. He later donated $21,000 to the cause as the Salvation Army watched donations spike after his celebration.

This year, Elliott didn't jump into the kettle after scoring a touchdown, but he did drop in $21.

Later in the game, he put quarterback Dak Prescott into the kettle.

Now, he'll get fined for "unsportsmanlike conduct," according to NFL Network's report. 

According to the Cowboys' official website, Elliott will match $21 donations to the Salvation Army (up to $21,000 total). Dak Prescott and the Cowboys will do the same, bringing the total to $63,000 from the team, quarterback, and running back. 

Meanwhile, the Cowboys are suddenly 7-5 after a huge upset win over the Saints and appear to be heading toward the NFC East crown. They'll host the Eagles in a divisional showdown in Week 14.