It looks like the NFL is going to do everything in its power to make sure that Tom Brady actually gets to take his jersey home after he plays in the Super Bowl this year. 

As you probably recall, Brady didn't get to take his jersey home last year because someone stole it out of his locker following the Patriots' wild 34-28 win over the Falcons in Super Bowl LI. Oh, and Brady didn't get to take his jersey home after the Patriots' Super Bowl XLIX win over the Seahawks, either, because it also got stolen that year. 

Although the man responsible for both thefts, Martin Mauricio Ortega, has been banned from attending any future Super Bowls, it appears that the NFL is still not going to take any chances with security when it comes to game-used memorabilia.  

According to TMZ, one of the priorities for security at Super Bowl LII will be making sure that no one walks out of the stadium with a jersey that doesn't belong to them. 

"One of the main goals is to keep people and property safe," a law enforcement official told TMZ. "We do not want a repeat of last year and we have learned lessons from other major sporting events."

Just to make sure that Brady's jersey is safe, the NFL will apparently be calling in the cavalry for Super Bowl LII. According to TMZ, the "overall security plan involves federal agencies, multiple state agencies and private security plus 'surveillance everywhere.'"

That's probably good news, because the last thing we need is another international incident over a stolen uniform. After Brady's jersey went missing following Super Bowl LI, it was found roughly five weeks later at Ortega's home in Mexico. 

Of course, the best security would just be for Brady to never take his jersey off, which he might actually resort to, now that his jersey has been stolen after each of the past two Super Bowls he's played in.