NFL reportedly hesitant to expand instant replay to include non-calls after NFC Championship Game

Since a missed pass interference call in the NFC Championship Game potentially cost the Saints a chance to play in the Super Bowl this year, all eyes have been on the NFL's Competition Committee to see if instant replay could be expanded to missed penalties. According to's Judy Battista, however, fans shouldn't hold their breath for change.

Per Battista, it's unlikely that a change that would include non-calls would get the support required. Battista added that changes to instant replay in general may be proposed -- but non-calls in particular may end up being left off the table.

Twenty-four votes (3/4 of the league), of course, are needed to pass rule changes..

Naturally, the fear the committee has is overreacting to what should be an isolated incident. Per Battista, on Tuesday (the second day of meetings for the committee), there hasn't been much progress in the way of making pass interference and roughing the passer reviewable.

The roughing the passer rule was also met with scrutiny last year, particularly after numerous hits from the Packers' Clay Matthews were called after what appeared to be solid form sacks.

Non-calls and roughing the passer are a few of the key issues at hand in these meetings, but it doesn't look like much change will be made in the immediate future. It's a long offseason and things can change overtime, but the committee appears to be worried about the wider implications of making judgement calls reviewable.

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