NFL says report Roger Goodell is 'furious' towards Jerry Jones is 'just nonsense'

Things are getting heated in the NFL league office, with Jerry Jones getting so steamed over the Ezekiel Elliott and national anthem situations that he is threatening to sue the NFL if it proceeds with Roger Goodell's contract extension. Jones has been extremely pro-Goodell over the past few years, right up until the commish decided to suspend Elliott for six games

At that point, Jones reportedly began "impeding" on contract talks between the NFL and Goodell, leveraging his hefty power to try and keep the commish from getting an extension that everyone assumed was all but done.

Jones reportedly wants to change the way Goodell is paid, cranking up the incentives in his contract. The whole thing, according to a report from Seth Wickersham and Don Van Natta on ESPN, has left Goodell "furious." 

Per the ESPN report, someone who "spoke recently with Goodell" said he is "furious" over Jones and "other owners' insistence that his next contract's compensation should be more performance-based" with incentives designed to only get him back to "roughly the same level of his current deal." The same source told ESPN Goodell "feels as if the owners have made a lot of money and he should be compensated accordingly" and that "the incentives thing really angers him."

The NFL said Thursday on a call with media members that it was "just nonsense" to believe Goodell was upset.

Jones has been at the center of multiple NFL controversies over the past few months. The Elliott suspension obviously involves one of his star players. The Cowboys owner was reportedly "furious" with the suspension, which may have been ramped up via pressure from other NFL owners.

But Jones also has been heavily involved in the public discussion about players kneeling for the national anthem. Jones previously said he believed players should stand for the anthem. But in Week 3 he kneeled and locked arms with players and coaches before the anthem.

Jones then said any Cowboys players who kneeled during the anthem would be benched. And he supported Papa John, "one of the great Americans," when the pizza mogul complained the NFL anthem situation was hurting his pizza chain sales. Jones, by the way, owns more than 100 Papa John's franchises.

There appears to be a lot of tension between Jones and Goodell right now. But it probably won't matter: the NFL says that Goodell's extension is going to get taken care of regardless and that back in the spring, before this all unfolded, Jones was a part of a unanimous vote to extend Goodell into 2024. 

Jones is one of the owners who helped to give Goodell almost unlimited power in terms of his ability to punish players. Jones is one of the most powerful owners in the league, but he's in a battle he may struggle to win. In all likelihood, Elliott is going to end up serving a six-game suspension and Goodell is likely to get a new contract. If Jones sues the league, things could even uglier, but it may not do him any good.

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