NFL: New Orleans Saints at Las Vegas Raiders

The NFL has sent our a series of memos putting teams and individuals on notice of possible fines, suspensions and the loss of draft picks for repeated violations of the league's COVID-19 regulations, with mounting frustration about what is seen as widespread complacency by many teams. To that end, sources said, the NFL will detail specific penalties for repeat offenders during a mandatory conference call on Monday for all owners, coaches and general managers.

Last week, the league held appeal hearings for the coaches who were hit with $100,000 sideline violations from Week 3, and on Monday commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL's football operations department will provide extreme clarity about severe punishments moving forward for breaking sideline, locker room, PPE, spacing and other COVID-related protocols.

The NFL will provide no further warnings or memos beyond this, league sources said, with the conference call serving to put a penalty chart of sorts in place that will be very specific about what to expect for not complying. 

"It will be made very clear to all involved that moving forward from Week 5, this is the law," one source said. "The hammer will fall."

The league is very serious about stripping teams of draft picks, with the Raiders very likely looking at the loss of at least one draft selection for their repeated breaches of the policies, sources said.