NFL to Panthers DE Greg Hardy: Your face paint is a uniform violation

The NFL will fine Greg Hardy if he decides to wear face paint. (USATSI)
The NFL will fine Greg Hardy if he decides to wear face paint. (USATSI)

If the 'Kraken' shows up in Tampa Bay on Sunday, he's going to cost Greg Hardy some money. The 'Kraken' is Hardy's alter-ego on game day and the face paint design that Hardy uses to create the 'Kraken' has been outlawed by the NFL

The league office sent a memo to the Panthers listing all the possible uniform violations for this season and at the top of the list was Hardy's face paint. 

A spokesman for the league office told that the rule against face paint isn't a new one. However, the spokesman didn't confirm whether or not Hardy had ever been fined for the 'Kraken' paint. 

The guess here is that Hardy probably has never been fined for the face paint, otherwise he probably would've stopped wearing it earlier in his career. Hardy has been wearing the 'Kraken' paint since at least 2012.

Breaking the NFL dress code isn't cheap and Hardy knows that, he was fined $5,250 for wearing gold cleats last season. The NFL probably put Hardy's picture in the memo so he knows not to turn into the 'Kraken' this season. 

So what is the Kraken?

"The Kraken is a giant monster that just demolishes everything that moves," Hardy said in 2011. "On Wednesday or Thursday, I go down in my subconscious. I find him, and I unlock the cage. About Saturday he usually comes out. Then he's always out on Sunday. I don't control him then. What he does when I'm not there, I don't know."

Hardy better get the 'Kraken' under control this season or he could owe the league some serious money. 

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