NFL to turn fans' heads into giant video screen at Super Bowl halftime

The NFL would like permission to light up your head at halftime.
The NFL would like permission to light up your head at halftime. (Matt Brodsky/

Hey there, Super Bowl XLVIII attendee. Mind if the NFL manipulates the top of your head from a remote location?

That's apparently what will happen at halftime of the Seahawks-Broncos Super Bowl, if this item left at every seat in the stadium is any indication (via's Matt Brodsky):

Yes, according to the packaging, that's a "video ski hat."

In something of a Being John Malkovich twist to the whole stunt, the instructions say "The hat will not 'turn on' until we remotely instruct it to do so."

The end result?

"During the show you'll be part of the largest video screen in history watched by hundreds of millions of people!"

Of course, that all depends on 100 percent cooperation from the live audience, up to and including not leaving your seat at halftime for a restroom break or a trip to the concession stands. And making sure all sponsorship logos are front-facing. Standard stuff.

No word on whether this remotely-controlled video ski hat will cause interference for anyone wearing Google Glass at the same time, and result in an inter-cranial blue screen error and reboot your central nervous system. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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