NFL Twitter reacts to the Ray Rice suspension news

Which Ray Rice will show up next season for the Ravens? (USATSI)
Ray Rice will miss two games this season. (USATSI)

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Ray Rice was arrested on one count of aggravated assault back in March. Here are the details: 

Today we learned of the punishment. Two games. NFL Twitter, your thoughts, please?

Women, understandably where a bit peeved.

I encourage you to click that link from our pal Melissa Jacobs, it's NFL licensing at its best.

Here's one former NFL player's thoughts on the matter.

And here's a former teammate of Ray Rice's:

What about the future of the NFL?

But what's really important here is what's going to happen on the field for the Ravens, I mean, Ray Rice was a big part of their 25th-ranked offense last year.

Good point.
Won't somebody think about the offense, please? (Twitter)

And finally, the real question we're all wondering is, was the commish too friggin' hard on Ray Rice?

In conclusion, NFL Twitter was something like this Thursday morning

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