NFL UK fans most hungry to see Seattle Seahawks in London

(Photo: Kirby Lee , USA TODAY Sports)

The Seattle Seahawks full 2018 schedule will come out on Thursday at 5 p.m. PT but one week on the NFL calendar has already been completely carved out for the organization, even before the NFL announces it in full. In week six, the Seahawks will travel across the pond to take on Marshawn Lynch's Oakland Raiders for the first time in the regular season. By then, they'll have had two preseason finales under their belt in which Lynch will have likely played a grand total of zero snaps over the two meetings.

But, on Oct. 14 at Tottenham Spur, the Seahawks and Raiders will do battle in the first Marshawn Lynch Bowl with actual stakes, which is likely to be the only meeting the two will ever have with Lynch on the roster. And despite it being the Seahawks first foray into international play -- one of the main reasons they were selected to travel to London this season -- they already have a following waiting for them in the United Kingdom.

According to a poll done by the NFL UK, Russell Wilson and company are the team the fans oversees are most excited to see in 2018 and it's not even close. Out of the six teams traveling to London next season including the reigning, defending undisputed Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles, it was the Seahawks taking a massive 34 percent of the vote. The Oakland Raiders and Tennessee Titans somewhat surprisingly followed suit with 17 percent of the vote each. Next, it was the Jacksonville Jaguars who've become London's unofficial team over the years with 15 percent of the vote. The defending champions were next up with just 11 percent.

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And naturally, no one wants to see Phillip Rivers down by four needing a touchdown with only 37 seconds left, as he perpetually seems to be. The artists formerly known as the San Diego Chargers only got six percent of the vote. As it seems with the United States at large, the Seahawks are quickly becoming a brand recognized around the world likely through their near half decade of consistent excellence and largely being recognized as the league's most passionate, loudest fan base (Kansas City Chief fans stay out of my mentions please). Their excellence was upended in 2017 by a 9-7 playoff-less season but that and the teams retooling by switching out recognizable veterans, like Richard Sherman, with younger talent did nothing to sour the fans in London on the product apparently.

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So, new look-and-all, the Londonites? Londonists? Londoners are looking most forward to going full 12 mode with Beast Mode in the building in week six. And if this poll is any indication, the Raiders may be in for Century Link-lite situation when they travel overseas.

Derek Carr may have to invest in ear plugs after all.

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